WJC President Lauder Praises Trump on Iran

NEW YORK–World Jewish Congress president Ronald S. Lauder Tuesday praised US president Donald Trump’s decision to allow sanctions to go forward on Iran, calling it an “unmistakable message to Iran and its allies that its … threats against the United States and all other free and democratic nations in the world will not be tolerated.”

“Iran is a rogue nation ruled by a regime that cannot be trusted to honor its word, and even more so with nuclear capabilities that would enable it to wreak havoc on the world and cause a catastrophic arms race in the region,” Lauder said. “President Trump has taken a courageous step today in making it ever clear to the Islamic Republic that he will not stand by in silence as it continues to subvert the nuclear agreement and exploit the good faith of the international community. We urge other countries to follow this administration’s example and not allow Iran to flout international law.”