Lithuanian Foreign Ministry Issues Advisory to Citizens in Israel

The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry has issued a travel advisory calling on citizens to remain alert to possible terror attacks and security incidents in the Jerusalem Old Town and East Jerusalem.

The advisory recommended Lithuanian citizens in Jerusalem, and specifically in the Old Town and eastern section of the city, including Ras al-Amud, At-Tur/Mount of Olives, Wadi al-Joz and Silwan, take special measures for their personal safety and avoid public transport.

The ministry recommended Lithuanians avoid demonstrations and large crowds of people, follow local media, follow instructions by local government institutions and avoid travel in Gaza. The advisory also cautioned against travel to areas along the Syrian and Lebanese border, the Golan Heights and specifically the area of Shebaa Farms and Ghaijar.

Lithuanians in Israel were invited to register with the Foreign Ministry at and/or to get the telephone app “Keliauk saugiai” [Travel Safely], at for Apple phones and for Android operating systems.

The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry also maintains a twenty-four hour hotline for emergencies at+370 5 236 2444 in Lithuania, and travellers may also send an e-mail to to request help. The Lithuanian embassy in Israel can be reached at+972 3 6958 685 or by e-mail at