Meet LJC Chairwoman Faina Kukliansky and Watch the Film Dialogue with Joseph by Elžbieta Josadė

We kindly invite Jewish young people and the general public to a screening of a documentary film by Elžbieta Josadė called  Dialogue with Joseph on at 7:00 P.M. on May 18 at the Pasaka Theater (Šv. Ignoto street no. 4/3, Vilnius). After the film you may meet and discuss with film director Elžbieta Josadė and editor Rareş lenasoaie. Entrance is free to the public.

Dialogue with Josef was honored with a special jury award at the international competition Jihlava IDFF 2016 in the Overseas category and Best Central and Eastern Europe Documentary Film subcategory. The national premiere was November 2016 at the Scanorama film forum.
About the film:
Joseph paints the earth and the sky with no other ambition than to observe and to gain a better understanding of the landscape‘s visual structure. Shyly, the filmmaker follows her father in his work and in this so particular space which surrounds him.
At 6:00 P.M., just before the screening of the film, we invite young people from the Jewish Community to an informal meeting at the restaurant La Boheme (Šv. Ignoto street no. 4/3, Vilnius, right next door to the Pasaka Theater) with Lithuanian Jewish Community chairwoman Faina Kukliansky. We will discuss Jewish heritage, future prospects for the Jewish community and other issues. 

Josef (or Jokūbas) Josadė was born August 15, 1911, in Kalvarija, Lithuania. He passed away in Vilnius on November 9, 1995. He was a well-known Lithuanian writer, dramaturge and literary critic. Jewish periodicals began publishing his stories before World War II. He worked at the Der Emes Soviet Yiddish newspaper in 1940 and 1941, and served in the 16th Division of the Red Army fighting the Nazis in World War II. After the war and following the Soviet ban on Jewish cultural activities, he switched working languages and began writing in Lithuanian. He returned to Yiddish in the 1970s. He is perhaps best known in Lithuania for his ethical testament written to his son in Lithuanian, discussing Lithuania and the Holocaust.