Happy Birthday to Basia Šragienė!

Kauno žydų bendruomenė sveikina savo narę Basią Šragienę su gimtadieniu

Members of the Hesed Club of the Kaunas Jewish Community celebrated Basia Šragienė’s birthday last week and everyone had a great time. The always youthful and energetic Šragienė is one of the Kaunas Jewish Community’s longest-standing members. For many she sets an example with her energy, resolution, selflessness, caring and warm conversation.


Over the years she has participated in and even organized many Kaunas Jewish Community events and activities including people from across the age spectrum and with different interests. As a former medical doctor she also provides useful advice to those who seek it. Those who gathered to celebrate her birthday remembered these and all her other wonderful features in their greetings to the birthday girl. Everyone was pleasantly surprised as well at the event by Kaunas Jewish Community member Stasys Makštutis, who arrived suddenly and unexpectedly from Lyons where he studies and gave a moving and tantalizing concert on clarinet.

Mazel tov!