Lithuanian and Indian Jewish Communities Make Contact


On Sunday, April 16, Lithuanian Jewish Community chairwoman Faina Kukliansky met with representatives of the Indian Jewish Community and discussed opportunities for working together.

Chairwoman Kukliansky visited synagogues, met with local Jews and learned about their history and activities in India.

Kukliansky was visiting Mumbai, formerly Bombay, India’s largest city and home to a number of religious minorities in the country.

In discussions with local Jewish leaders, Kukliansky spoke about the experience of Litvaks and proposed holding a screening in Mumbai of documentary films about the history of Lithuanian Jews.

Her visit took place with the help of the Lithuanian embassy in India. Until now there has been no official contact between the Indian Jewish community and the Lithuanian Jewish Community.

About 4,000 Jews call Mumbai home and the city of around 12.5 million people has 8 working synagogues.

Photos here.