Gercas Žakas Re-Elected Chair of Kaunas Jewish Community


Members of the Kaunas Jewish Community met October 11, 2015 to hear an accounting of the community’s activities and hold elections. At the start of the meeting chairman Gercas Žakas called for a minute of silence to remember community members lost over the last four years since the last general election meeting, most of them active members of the community. He then turned the floor over to Michailas Duškesas, who moderated the rest of the meeting. Žakas provided an overview of his activities and those of the board of the community over the last four years, achievements as well as failings, problems which arose and solutions arrived at, and discussed future plans. After statements and discussion voting on the post of chairman and members of the executive board began. In total 176 ballots were cast. Gercas Žakas received a total of 98% of votes cast for the next chairman over the coming four years. Thirteen people were elected to the executive board as well.